The Elephant In the Room

    aims to promote awareness of End-of-life issues through events, discussions, support and information.

    By covering such topics as End-of-Life care, Funeral Planning, Advance Decisions, Wills, Organ Donation etc., we want to help to break through the mystery, fear and confusion and to take away the stress and worry that is so often faced at the end of life, whether it is our own or that of a loved one.

    We held our first Elephant In The Room, 4-day event at the end of October in 2014 at the YMCA in Swansea. The event consisted of talks and workshops, exhibitor stands, a musical concert, presentation of the play "Colder Than Here" and Antonia Rolls' art exhibition, "A Graceful Death". Full details of this event can be found on our Past Events page on this site.

    The Elephant In The Room also holds regular events, such as "Conversations on Death & Dying", which gives a space for people to come together and talk about whatever may be on their mind with regards to this subject. We also hold a monthly "Mourning Coffee" event where we can take time to remember, and talk about, those who have died and also light a candle in remembrance of them.

    If you would like us to come and organise an Elephant In The Room event in your area, then please contact us through the contacts page, and we would be more than happy to talk with you.